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“Find Me a Mac”


When you buy a brand new Macbook Pro from the Apple Store, you will begin at a $1,300 price tag for an entry level machine. Now you have some important decisions to make. Do you know what type of Graphics Card you need? Do you know what type of a Processor to look for? Are you sure that the amount of Random Access Memory will keep up with your work and that your Hard Drive won’t fill up in a month? Your price will increase quickly as you make these choices.

Is it truly necessary to spend this much money on a brand new machine?
Do you even know what types of specifications will meet your needs?

We have helped students, teachers and businesses find their perfect, affordable and efficient machine. We have years of experience with Mac computers. We know our Models, Processors, Graphics Cards, RAM Memory, Hard Drives and everything else there is to know. After we understand what you will be using your Mac for, we will determine the perfect specifications for you. We will then turn to our personal database of refurbished Mac distributors. After careful comparison and analysis of many different machines, we will personally choose the best one for you.

Once We Receive Your Machine:

We will administer our own refurbishment process along with the distributors.
During this we will inspect, test and clean all internal and external components.
We will do a “clean install” of the operating system – rendering it practically brand new.
We will perform any necessary physical upgrades, such as the installation of Random Access Memory.
We will install any necessary programs that you have, along with any codecs and drivers that you need.
We will transfer any personal files over to your new machine.


“Fix or Upgrade My Existing Mac”



RAM Memory (Random Access Memory) Upgrade

If you already have a Mac and are having issues with speed, stability or performance, more RAM Memory (Random Access Memory) may be just what you need. The amount of RAM that your machine has, determines how quickly applications are able to operate and how effectively your computer can multitask. If you are unfamiliar with RAM, then it is likely that your computer has the bare minimum amount. Installing more RAM is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to boost your computer’s performance and speed. This requires ordering the exact memory cards supported by your model, disassembly of the machine, installation and reassembly.



A Proper “Clean Install” of the Operating System

This gives your Mac a completely clean slate. It delivers a fresh operating system with no trace or issues associated with the old one. We will first erase and reformat your hard disk by writing a single pass of zeros over the entire disk. We will then do a fresh installation of the operating system. With the long reformatting process, your new operating system will be practically identical to how it felt when it was brand new.

broken screen

Broken Glass Screen Repair

There are very few things more frustrating than a cracked computer screen. This is a very common problem that many people unfortunately face at one point in time. We will carefully remove your cracked glass from the frame and install a brand new glass panel for you. The Apple Store charges upwards of $200 for their glass screen replacement service. Other third party services are a bit cheaper, ranging from $100 – $160. However, many lack company description and seem to operate a fast, high-output operation. This is your expensive machine, containing your important personal files. You should never hand it over to anyone that you are not completely comfortable with. We offer a very personalized service, our replacements are done very slowly and with extreme care, please contact us for more details. (Please note: We only offer glass panel replacement, not the replacement of the LCD screen which is underneath the glass)