John Feraco – CEO of Feraco Production – Camera Operator, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, IT Specialist

As the Founder of Video Production company Feraco Production, company namesake John Feraco offers a decade of career expertise in TV, film and video production. He has worked for some of the most powerful stations on Television, in addition to instructing college-level classes in Dublin Ireland and earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Marist College in the field.

John is currently working as Producer and Post-Production Supervisor for the independent movie “A Strong Collected Spirit” distributed by The Spirited Movie Co. Besides his current work in Independent Film, John owns his own independent Media Production company by the name of Feraco Production, where he functions as lead Camera Operator, Video Editor and Graphic Designer, along with carrying out all duties associated with DVD Transfer, Business Technology, Social Media and Computer Services, while assisting with Mobile Application Development.

From 2010 to 2013 John’s credentials include working in production for network and cable TV series “Secret Millionaire” (ABC), “Pawn Stars” (History Channel), “Chef Roblé & Co.” (Bravo), “Mobster Confessions” (Discovery Channel), “Fashion Hunters” (Bravo), “Monster In-Laws” (A&E), “Cake Boss” (TLC), “My First Renovation” (HGTV), “American Restoration” (History Channel), “Moving In” (MTV), “Setup Squad” (LOGO Network), “What the Sell?” (TLC), “Truck Stop Missouri” (Travel Channel) and “Oddities” (Discovery Channel).

These television shows gave John the opportunity to travel the country while serving as Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Production Assistant and Post Production Assiatant with New York City’s LeftField Pictures, High Noon Entertainment, Red Line Films, DANCELEN(D)S, and Zodiak USA.

In 2007, John worked as a Teacher’s Assistant with the Creative Arts & Media Department for Dublin Business School, where he supervised student film shoots, equipment and editing suites; prepared lessons, conducted lectures and taught college-level classes. He worked directly for three professors, while serving as Personal Assistant to the Head of the College’s Media Department. While in Ireland he also filmed, edited and produced DVD’s of musical events performed at the National Gallery of Ireland.

John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film, along with an Academic Minor in Business Administration from Marist College. John studied International Communication, Film & Production at Dublin Business School in Dublin Ireland. Over the years, he has diversified his life experience by living and working in Ireland, Miami, Hoboken, Montauk & Long Island, while traveling throughout Europe.

As for the future, John Feraco aims to continue his career in Independent Film, while continuously building his Media Production company Feraco Production with his diverse skill set, knowledge and relentless work ethic.


Frederick Feraco – CEO of Feraco Media – Mobile Application Developer